Stadium Capital Partners currently manages over nine residential senior living complexes, with 600 units in total.

We aim to expand the portfolio both via the acquisition of standing assets and from developing new assets to leverage the flourishing real estate market and provide exit opportunities for both operators and investors.

Two major trends are driving the growth of the private senior living market:

  1. The Netherlands population is aging at an accelerating rate.
  2. The Dutch health system has undergone significant transformational reforms to move seniors out of publicly funded care homes.

Given the favourable prospective growth in in this segment, we have installed a dedicated team that has developed an operational senior living concept. With this concept, seniors are offered an integrated service of living, services and care.

Seniors will increasingly be searching for housing concepts in urban environments with access to bespoke services and care to fit their growing needs. Our concept allows seniors to live independently while providing comfort and security and facilitating social interaction.